• AGA XQ1701
  • Revision:2017 Edition, February 2017
  • Published Date:February 2017
  • Status:Active, Most Current
  • Document Language:English
  • Published By:American Gas Association (AGA)
  • Page Count:102
  • ANSI Approved:No
  • DoD Adopted:No

  • This manual is intended to describe the theory of operation, typical operating characteristics and applications of turbine meters as well as installation specifications, calibration, testing and maintenance procedures, and computations used in the calculations of flow by axial flow turbine meters, typically two-inch and larger bore diameter.

    Typical applications include measuring single-phase gas flow in production, processing, transmission, storage, distribution and end-use systems. This manual is primarily meant for measurement of fuel grade natural gas and associated gases either as pure hydrocarbons, or as a mixture of pure hydrocarbons and diluents. Although not covered in this manual, turbine meters are used to measure a broad range of fluids other than natural gas.

    Reference to other documents have been made for information on accessory equipment – mechanical and/or electronic – used to measure pressure, temperature, etc. of the flowing gas to convert meter outputs from flowing conditions to any standard, base, contract or other reference conditions. This document does contain the equations establishing the mathematical basis for such conversions, which may also be used for conversion of flowing volume registered by any other type of meter.

    Characteristics of electronic pulse signal generating devices within or attached to the meter are not covered, although it does address the use of their outputs. In addition to providing guidance on the use of turbine meters for gas flow measurement, this manual provides practical formulas for reference and training of new entrants to the industry as well as back office and non-technical individuals unfamiliar with turbine meter for gas flow measurement.

    Information covered in this publication may be complimented with AGA Report No.7, Measurement of Natural Gas by Turbine Meters, and manuals produced by turbine meter manufacturers. Consult with the particular meter's manufacturer for guidance in cases where the information supplied by the manufacturer is not consistent with information presented in this manual and AGA 7.

    AGA XQ1701

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