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  • Published Date:January 1983
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    All fluid meters consist of two distinct parts, each of whichhas different functions to perform. The first part is the primaryelement, which is in contact with the fluid, resulting in some formof interaction. The second part or the secondary element usuallytranslates the interaction between fluid and primary elements intoa digital readout, a chart recording or an electrical signal whichcan be computed into engineering units such as volume, weight, orrate of flow.

    Flow meters may be classified in two very general divisions:positive displacement meters and inferential meters. Inferentialmeters refer to those primary elements through which the fluidpasses in a continuous stream. The flowing velocity and/or quantityof flow is, obtained from the interactions of the fluid stream andthe primary elements by known physical laws supplemented byempirical relations. This section is devoted primarily toinferential meters. Positive displacement meters refer to thoseprimary elements through which the fluid passes in successive andisolated quantities by alternately filling and emptying measuringchambers of known volume. Positive displacement meters are coveredin Gas Measurement Manual, Part 2.

    AGA XQ0483

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