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  • Revision:2014 Edition, February 2014
  • Published Date:February 2014
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  • Introduction

    This year's report is the 65th annual ResidentialNatural Gas Market Survey conducted by the American GasAssociation (AGA). The data collected for 2012 provide a unique andcomprehensive portrait of the residential natural gas market.Detailed information is presented by state and region, includingcustomers, market share, inventory additions from new homes, andconversions from alternative fuels. Company-specific data arereported in Appendices A, B and C. Appendix D presents natural gasmarket shares data for the metropolitan statistical areas.

    A total of 71 natural gas utility companies responded to thisyear's survey, representing 70 percent of the total U.S.residential customers. These responses are a decrease from the 74utilities that responded to last year's survey. Company-specificdata were also derived from the Energy Information Administration'sForm 176 database.

    Incorporated in the survey results are data regarding newprivate housing completions as well as existing homes from the U.S.Bureau of the Census. The source of these data is different fromthe statistics compiled from the survey respondents and should beevaluated separately.

    Our thanks go to those companies participating in thisResidential Natural Gas Market Surveyinformation-gathering effort. Their cooperation and support areessential to making this publication a primary source of naturalgas utility industry data and an important industry reference.

    AGA F00014

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